Emerald Scientific Names Cannabis Industry Veteran Amanda Rigdon Chief Technology Officer

Posted August 09 2016

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – JULY 8, 2016 – Emerald Scientific, the leading supplier of scientific products in the cannabis industry, has named Amanda Rigdon its new Chief Technology Officer. Ms. Rigdon brings a wealth of technical expertise and marketing experience related to cannabis testing and research, and is a strong proponent for scientific progress in the industry.


“We have followed Amanda Rigdon’s career for quite some time, and we are impressed with her efforts to advance innovation in cannabis analysis” stated Wes Burk, Vice President of Emerald Scientific. “Amanda’s passion and drive to educate the cannabis analytical community is inspiring, and we think she will be a great fit as the Chief Technology Officer for Emerald Scientific.” 


Amanda Rigdon earned her bachelor’s degree from George Mason University in 2004 with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. She began her career in cannabis testing in 2010 following several years in the pharmaceutical and clinical/forensics industries. Over the past six years Ms. Rigdon has been an outspoken advocate in the science of cannabis while with Restek, a leading manufacturer of chromatography supplies.  She has presented at numerous scientific cannabis conferences and seminars to provide education about technological innovation and best practices in the industry  “Amanda Rigdon has long been in the vanguard of analytical methods development in support of Cannabis science innovation.“ Said John Abrams, Chief Scientific Officer of Humboldt DNA, “ It is extremely promising to see such an outstanding science professional join the Emerald Scientific team.”  


Emerald Scientific offers industry-leading equipment, reagents, supplies and services to cannabis testing and extraction facilities, enabling laboratories to improve results and streamline workflow. Twice per year the company organizes The Emerald Test®, an Interlaboratory Comparison Proficiency Test.  It also hosts The Emerald Conference, an annual scientific meeting for scientists, policy makers, producers, and other key members of the cannabis industry.


“It’s great to see Emerald Scientific expanding their basis in the science of cannabis,”


Amanda Rigdon commented. “I’m excited to get to work with the team at Emerald Scientific, and as Chief Technology Officer I’m looking forward to advance cannabis testing methodologies and to support extraction science, as well as to provide education to the cannabis scientific community.”

For more information about Emerald Scientific, please visit http://emeraldscientific.com/.