Emerald Test Results Show High Standards for Inter-Laboratory Comparison Proficiency Testing

Posted June 23 2016

June 23, 2016 - San Luis Obispo, CA - Emerald Scientific has announced the results for its 2016 Emerald Test, and cannabis testing labs earned impressive scores. Nearly 50 labs entered the company’s semi-annual Inter-lab Comparison and Proficiency Test, which measures a lab’s ability to determine amounts of cannabinoids and residual solvents in an unknown sample.


“This is a very positive sign for the industry,” commented Wes Burk, Vice President of Emerald Scientific. “Labs across the country performed better than expected and in line with testing parameters used by non-cannabis industries.”


Inter-lab Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) programs measure how accurately an individual lab performs and also compares results among labs for an indicator of variability and how to improve. Used in many other industries such as food safety and pharma, the ILC/PT is a critical tool for quality assurance, and is now becoming a requirement in many certification programs and has long been a requirement for ISO 17025 accreditation for testing labs.


This is the third year the Emerald Test has been offered, but the first year the program has been directed by an advisory panel made up of experts and stakeholders from the industry. Shawn Kassner, Senior Scientist for Neptune and Company, sees a stark improvement following the change. “The Emerald Test has taken a big leap forward with the addition of experts from the fields of marijuana testing, proficiency testing, marijuana regulatory bodies and laboratory accreditation as part of their advisory panel,” Kassner said. “As a new member of this group, I was blown away at the eagerness and the energy in the room to move the program forward."


All data analysis for the Emerald Test was performed by the American Oil Chemists Society, an organization with decades of experience in proficiency testing and inter-lab comparisons. AOCS delivered consensus mean, z score and kernel density plots to all participant as well as all the the raw data. A list of participating labs can be seen at www.emeraldtest.com. 


“The Emerald Test program will continue to evolve to meet industry needs, including tests for pesticide analysis and sample preparation,” Wes Burk stated. “We’re look forward to the Fall 2016 Emerald Test, as this program continues to help labs improve their performance in cannabis testing.”


About Emerald Scientific:

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