Separation of Δ-8 and Δ-9-THC on the Workhorse™ HPLC Column for Cannabis Potency Testing

Posted February 15 2017

The Emerald Scientific team was super excited to be able to formally launch the Workhorse™ HPLC Column for Cannabis Potency Testing at The Emerald Conference about two weeks ago. I think I can confidently say I was definitely the most excited one out of our team because I had spent a lot of time putting the product through its paces with real cannabis samples and developing multiple methods on it to suit the various needs of cannabis labs.

While at the conference, I happily showed the chromatograms I had produced to lots of interested attendees and was surprised to get multiple questions regarding separation between Δ-8 and Δ-9-THC. I had been given the impression that Δ-8-THC had been left out of other vendors’ lists because “nobody cares” about that compound, so I didn’t bother to put it in my initial runs.

Having learned that people do indeed care about separation between Δ-8 and Δ-9-THC for various reasons, I went ahead and ran our cannabinoids list using our fast 7-minute method with Δ-8-THC included. Lo and behold! There was separation! I love this column!