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Direct-Pure Water System, Adept UV

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The small foot print Direct-Pure adept lab water system is an ideal choice for users who need up to 20 liters of ultrapure water or RO water per day. Quality of ultrapure product water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards. 

- The compact system provides an easy way to produce ultrapure water and RO water on demand from tap water directly with no additional pre-treatment filters.

- The system is equipped with a safeguard RephiDuo P Pack cartridge and a dual-column RephiDuo U Pack ultrapurification cartridge to ensure optimum quality of the final product water.
- No external storage tank is required, which eliminate the risk of water degration by contaminants from the container or the tubing.
- The fully automatic controlled and maintained system contains automatic cleaning cycles and self-maintenance functions for the RO membrane, which increases the lifetime and efficiency of the RO membranes as well as the cartridges.
- Automatic hourly system recirculation in the loop prevents bacterial growth and maintain water purity at all times.
- System status and key quality parameters are clearly displayed on large LCD screen for easy system performance monitoring.