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Welch DryFast Diaphragm Pump 2034B-01

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Welch DryFast Diaphragm Pump 2034 

DryFast Research Chemical Duty Dry Vacuum Pump, 25 LPM x 29.7" hg vacuum. Deep vacuum means you can strip even water at 77 degreesF.

Welch DryFastTM PTFE Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps enable precise vacuum control for organic evaporations with exclusive Advanced Vapor Management (AVM). Oil-Free, portable, chemical resistant, 2 head diaphragm design simplifies maintenance. Choose from seven dry PTFE vacuum pump models with flows up to 70 L / min and adjustable vacuum down to 2 Torr. Economical DryFastTM vacuum pumps are perfect for tough lab applications.

Welch® DryFast® diaphragm pumps are designed for harsh chemical duty processes and stand above the competition in performance.  Welch® DryFast® vacuum pump provide tunable control, precisely within 1 Torr. The Welch® DryFast® is lightweight, with a control knob ergonomically easy to use, front and center of the pump.  The 2034 is an excellent pump for evaporation medium boiling point solvents, such as water and toluene.

Application: Rotary Evaporation/Distillation (medium volatility solvents <110oC B.P., volume ~ 1 liter), Vacuum ovens - small, pumping harsh vapors & gases

Includes US standard plug
Common accessory, not included Inlet / Exhaust Separator Jars, 1423B
Pumping Speed 25 l/min
Max. Vacuum 9 torr
Tubing Needed 1/4" ID
Exhaust ./ Intake threads M14(1/8)
Dimensions LxWxH 13.8x6.8x8.8"
Weight 21.25 lbs
Wiring 115V, 60 hz