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DuraSeal Cling Sealing Film for Test Tubes, Beakers and Bottles

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DuraSeal Cling is a heat resistant, solvent-proof laboratory stretch film that can be used on a wide range of vessels.
IT CLINGS- Film can cling to itself and glass vessels.
HEAT RESISTANT- Softens at 100°C
STRONG-Film can stretch 300-400 % before breaking or tearing
TIGHT SEALING-Forms an air tight barrier when stretched across openings
VERSATILE-Compatible in more applications than Parafilm
TWICE AS LONG-Twice as long as Parafilm rolls


DuraSeal Cling


Temperature Resistance

Softens above 100°C

Softens at or below 68°C

Chemical Resistance

Resists essentially all solvents

Dissolves in carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, phenol, ethyl, benzene, hexane, etc.


Stretches 300-400 %

Stretched 200%


No interleaf paper

Interleaf paper must be removed prior to use