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ENTRIS Milligram Balance

$ 900.00

The new Entris® has been specially designed to achieve effective and reliable weighing results in your daily work. The easy and clearly structured user interface, with its logical key assignment and last but not least the excellent readability, are ideal conditions for safe operation.


User-friendly Operation
Excellent readability due to the backlit and high-contrast display, the easy navigation with function keys and the simple to read level indicator on the front enable an user-friendly and fast operation.
Basic Applications
Entris® supports you in your daily work with integrated basic
applications: animal weighing, density determination, counting,
conversion or percentage.
Easy Cleaning
The side doors, top sliding door and easy to remove all stainless steel parts of the analytical draft shield chamber making it convenient for thorough cleaning.
High Accuracy
The monolithic weighing system ensures long-term high measurement accuracy and represents the proverbial reliability and quality of a Sartorius balance.
2-year warranty