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Flip Seal® Dual Vespel® Ring Inlet Seals

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  • Reversible, two-sided design allows significantly more analyses than other seals, at the same price—simply use, flip, then use again!
  • Vespel® ring embedded in top and bottom surface eliminates need for a washer.
  • Highly inert gold or Siltek®-deactivated seals reduce breakdown and adsorption of active compounds, maximizing component transfer to GC column.
  • Very little torque required to make seal—reduces operator variability.
  • Includes gold-plated inlet seal, reducing nut adaptor, 1/16″ SS nut

Note: The Flip Seal® inlet seal requires a special reducing nut adaptor fitting, which is included in the kit. 

The Flip Seal® Adaptor can be used with standard 1/16″ ferrules.


Click for Instruction Sheet: Flip Seal™ Dual Vespel® Ring Inlet Seal