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FID and Carrier Gas Filter Kit for GC-FID

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Protect Your GC and Consumables with Gas Filters

GC-FID instruments rely on clean, pure gas streams for carrier gas (helium, hydrogen, or nitrogen) and FID fuel gases (hydrogen, nitrogen, and zero air). If the GC carrier gas is contaminated with water or hydrogen, the lifetime of the column inside the GC oven will be drastically reduced. If FID fuel gases are contaminated with water or hydrocarbons, they can experience baseline disturbances and loss of sensitivity. Use this kit when installing new filters on your GC-FID. Refill filters are available. 

This kit contains three filters most commonly recommended for GC-FID instruments, as well as baseplates and fittings for installation:

  • One Carrier gas filter - removes hydrocarbons, water, and oxygen from helium, hydrogen, or nitrogen
  • Two FID gas filters to remove hydrocarbons and water from hydrogen and zero air. Purchasing a third FID gas filter is recommended since most FIDs use three gases (hydrogen, air, and nitrogen). Setup instructions are below
  • One three-position baseplate with fittings for 1/8" copper or stainless steel tubing

Setup instructions for full carrier/fuel gas filtration: 

1) Purchase this item as well as the Add-On FID Gas Filter Kit for GC-FID

2) Install the three FID gas filters in the three-position baseplate. The FID gas filters will have only two layers of filtration material in the core of the filter (black and beige).

3) Install the carrier gas filter (this filter has a black, dark yellow, and beige layer) in the single position baseplate.

For additional instructions, refer to the instruction sheet.

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