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Heidolph Rotavap HBX Green Package

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HBX Green Package

Includes: Hei-VAP Precision ML G3, Rotavac Valve Tec, Vacuum Valve, RotaChill Chiller, Vapor Temp Sensor w/ Flasks & Tube Set

Includes: Hei-VAP Precision ML G3, with vertical condenser

  • Available in hand lift or motor lift configurations 
  • Experience the advantages of our large 4.3'' color graphic display which features all parameters, integrated vacuum controller and includes programs for automated distillation
  • Make your life easier by utilizing the integrated software support which leads you through the capabilities of the evaporator
  • For data management Hei-VAP Precision models features USB interface
  • Save time by configuring the unit - all connected devices will be recognized by the evaporator, which eliminates the need to configure the unit manually 
  • Now you can manage even the most demanding applications easily and prevent foaming, excessive bubbling or bumping
  • Save time with your individualized pre-programmed parameter settings for your 30 most common applications on a daily basis by saving them in a "Favorites" section.
  • Each ramp offers 20 separate steps for demanding applications
  • Apply an individual name to those ramps to avoid a mix-up
  • Experience the advantages of the automatic process timer which turns off your evaporator at a pre-programmed time by raising flask on motor lift models and releasing vacuum
  • Control your process individually by pre-programming vacuum gradients
  • Hei-VAP Precision models feature a built-in vacuum controller as a standard

Rotavac Valve Tec,

  • Two-stage diaphragm vacuum pump made of chemical-resistant material
  • Suction capacity of 0.75 m³/h
  • Achieves an ultimate vacuum of 12 mbar
  • Recommended for solvents with low or medium boiling points
  • Vacuum can be controlled manually or via valve operated vacuum controllers
  • Can be combined with a condenser
  • Power input: 80 W Weight: 6.0 kg

Vacuum Valve

  • Required to control vacuum for Hei-VAP Precision models with valve-regulated pumps
  • External attachment design for easy cleaning

RotaChill Chiller

  • Temperature range from 0 °C to to 100 °C
  • Precise temperature control accuracy of ± 0.2 °C
  • The RotaChill Small should be placed directly besides the evaporator to ensure a sufficient pump performance

Vapor Temp Sensor   

Tube Set- Includes 6.25 meter vacuum tubing and 6.25 meter water tubing


-5L evaporation flask

-3L receiving flask

3 year warranty (parts and labor) against manufacturer defects