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Integra VACUSAFE Comfort Filtration System with Bottle

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VACUSAFE Comfort  w/4 Liter PP Bottle and Level Detection
  • For use in the hood, outside the hood, or on the bench
  • Great for aspiration or filtration
  • Control knob for infinite vacuum setting (-300 mbar to -600 mbar)
  • Overflow protection of pump and electronics by a hydrophobic filter at the pump inlet
  • Eliminates contamination of lab vacuum lines
  • All parts in contact with fluids are autoclavable
  • Silent operation
  • Excellent for work involving pathogens or biohazardous fluids
  • When used with VACUBOY hand operator and attachments, offers unparalleled speed and flexibility when aspirating from any type of vessel from flasks to 96-well plates
The VACUSAFE comfort is a self-contained, multifunctional vacuum aspiration system that offers many benefits over "homemade" systems connected directly to a lab vacuum line or faucet. When used in conjunction with the VACUBOY hand operator, the VACUSAFE comfort provides unparalleled performance, flexibility, and safety when aspirating media, biological fluids, or chemical solutions.

VACUBOY Benefits and Features:
  • Time-savings and flexibility particularly when aspirating from multi-well plates
  • Dual vacuum speed control either with push button on top, or rear turn setting
  • Single, 4-channel, and 8-channel adapters available
  • Adapters include disposable pipette tips, Pasteur and serological pipettes, or fixed stainless steel pins
The VACUBOY hand operator is designed to accommodate a variety of aspiration adapters including stainless steel pins, disposable tips, and Pasteur or serological pipettes. Each adapter is designed to perfectly match the physical dimensions of typical laboratory vessels including flasks, bottles, and multi-well plates. It can be used in conjunction with the VACUSAFE aspiration system or a stand-alone upgrade to your current system.

VACUBOY Attachment Options:
  • Single stainless steel aspirator (40mm, 150mm, or 280mm)
  • 4-channel stainless steel aspirator
  • 8-channel stainless steel aspirator
  • Single-channel adapter for pipette tip, (w/ or w/o ejector)
  • 8-channel adapter for pipette tips, with ejector
  • Rubber adapter for Pasteur and serological pipettes