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Isobutane and Butane 1,000µg/mL in DMA

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Finally, a Suitable Gas Standard for Cannabis Residual Solvents Analysis!

Part #:STRS01022

One of the most difficult things about cannabis residual solvent analysis is finding or making gas standards. Some gas standards are available, but they're prepared in methanol, which means they have to be run separately from the rest of your solvents. 

Emerald Scientific is the first company to provide the cannabis analytics industry with a suitable standard for the analysis of isobutane and butane in cannabis concentrates. This standard is prepared in n,n-dimethylacetamide (DMA), which does not freeze in the refrigerator. Gases prepared in DMSO will 'freeze out' of solution in the refrigerator, causing loss of the analytes. Additionally, standards prepared in DMSO cannot be handled cold, which is required for reproducible results from gas standards. This standard can also be used to prepare calibrators for proficiency tests.

Please note that although these standards are awesome, they should still be considered single use. Light gases like butane just don't stick around very well in solution, so once the ampule is opened, the gases will start to escape. In order to get the best results from your gas standards, follow our Detailed Gas Standard Handling Instructions


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Compounds (1,000µg/mL in n,n-dimethylacetamide)

Isobutane (CAS# 75-28-5)
Butane (CAS# 106-97-8)


Volume: 1 mL
Packed in: 1mL Amber ampule
Shelf-Life: 1 year unopened


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