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Isofreeze PCR SBS Rack, Purple to Pink, Holds 96x0.2mL

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Isofreeze PCR SBS Rack, #5650-T4
Purple to Pink,
Holds 96x0.2mL, 10/cs

IsoFreeze™ PCR and IsoFreeze™ PCR SBS are innovative, high performance, personal chiller racks. Using proven IsoFreeze temperature maintenance technology, the filled racks maintain a cool(refrigerator) environment on the bench or on the workstation platform. IsoFreeze gives a chilled and stable environment for PCR reagents, cells, enzymes or other temperature sensitive reagents.

Industry Standard format tubes, strips and 96 well plates, in both standard and low profile well shape, are accommodated and are efficiently cooled in PCR, QPCR and many other applications.

IsoFreeze™ PCR Racks are manufactured using polypropylene containing novel, temperature dependent color-change dye giving simple, at-a-glance, temperature indication for each well. There is a dramatic change to a contrasting color at 7C. IsoFreeze gel technology means the wells will stay cool for up to 4 hours (see charts below), depending on ambient temperature and other factors.

IsoFreeze™ PCR can keep your sample cool for over 4 hours!