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Syringes for GC Manual Injection

$ 20.00

For all GCs Without Autosamplers - Also Ideal for Troubleshooting!
Part# SUGC01037

Don't get caught without one! Even if you have an autosampler, manual injections are valuable for troubleshooting purposes and to determine column dead times. Having at least one manual syringe on-hand is a necessity for laboratories operating GCs.

Measure small volumes accurately! Autopipetters cannot always deliver small (< 10µL) volumes. These manual syringes are designed to deliver very small volumes accurately and precisely. 10µL syringes can deliver down to 1µL and 5µL syringes can deliver down to 0.5µL.

  • 26-gauge needle with beveled tip reduces wear on injection port septum and prevents clogging of syringe
  • Button-style plunger for easy manual operation