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Microbiological CRMs Designed for PetrifilmTM Methods

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Microbiological CRMs Designed for PetrifilmTM Methods

Food Microbiology CRM's

Designed and certified specifically for use with 3M PetrifilmTM products. Once prepared by hydration into 90 mL Butterfields bu er, a 1 mL inoculation yields counts in the method countable range. Value assignments and associated uncertainty listed on COA.

5 & 20 packs

Aerobic Plate Count #FM-707

Aerobic Lactic Acid #FM-708

Coliform Count #FM-709

Coliform/E.coli Count #FM-710

Total Enterobacteriaceae #FM-711

Staph Express #FM-712

Rapid Yeast #FM-713

Rapid Mold #FM-714

Note: Please inquire for organisms and identities used for each CRM.

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