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PetriSEAL Petri Dish Sealing Film

$ 30.00

PetriSeal stretches and conforms to form a tight seal and is temperature resistant, waterproof and chemically resistant. It resists abrasion and puncture and blocks vapor loss while reducing the rate of gas exchange. Use PetriSeal with microtiter plates, Petri dishes and culture plates to prevent to entry of contaminants. The seal remains flexible down to -30°C and can withstand continuous exposure from -40°C to +77°C (with intermittent exposure up to 100°C). Tests have shown that PetriSeal leaves no adhesive residue even after two years.


Tape Size: 0.50" x 108'

Ideal Use: Petri dishes

Colors: Blue, Clear, Red, White & Yellow

U of M: Roll