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Premium Non-stick BTO Septa

$ 99.50

Premium Non-Stick BTO Septa
  • Compatible with Shimadzu GCs
  • Usable to 400 °C inlet temperature.*
  • New plasma coating eliminates sticking in the injection port.
  • Precision molding ensures consistent, accurate fit.
  • Septa have a CenterGuide design to minimize coring. (Not available on 9.5 mm, 10 mm, and Shimadzu Plug.)
  • 5 mm and 11 mm septa are partially predrilled.
  • Preconditioned and ready to use.
  • Packaged in ultra-clean blister packs.**
  • Each batch GC-FID tested.
  • Bleed and temperature optimized; ideal for demanding GC and GC-MS applications.