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Q-sep® QuEChERS dSPE Tubes for Extract Cleanup

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Simple Sample Preparation for Cannabis Pesticides Analysis

Product Name:  Q-sep QuEChERS dSPE Tubes
2mL tubes contain: 150 mg MgSO4, 50 mg PSA, 50 mg C18, 7.5 mg GCB
15mL tubes contain: 900 mg MgSO4, 300 mg PSA, 300 mg C18, 45 mg GCB
  • 15mL tubes easily generate bulk extract for matrix-matched calibration curve preparation.
  • Packaged in foil subpacks for enhanced protection and storage stability.
  • Ready-to-use tubes, no glassware required.
  • Preweighed, ultra-pure sorbents.

Multiple sorbents are used to extract different types of interferences.

MgSO4 removes excess water
PSA removes sugars, fatty acids, organic acids, and anthocyanine pigments
C18 removes nonpolar interferences
GCB removes pigments, sterols, and nonpolar interferences

PSA—primary and secondary amine exchange material
GCB—graphitized carbon black