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Residual Solvents IS Chlorobenzene, 150µg/mL in DMA

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Ready-to-Use Internal Standard for Cannabis Residual Solvent Analysis

Part Number: STRS01023

Many states require the use of an internal standard for residual solvents analysis, and using internal standards can vastly improve the quality of your data. This internal standard is formulated to be ready-to-use, and is very stable under storage. Simply add 5µL of this solution to each standard and sample when analyzing samples using the FET method described in Emerald's Full Cannabis Residual Solvents Protocol. Chlorobenzene does not co-elute with any residual solvents - even when using the Oregon solvents list. 

Instructions for use of this internal standard can be found in the protocol, and chlorobenzene elutes just before ethylbenzene using the instrument conditions listed in the protocol

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Volume: 1 mL
Packed in: 1mL Amber ampule
Shelf-Life: 1 year unopened