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Rtx-1 Column for Residual Solvent Confirmation in Cannabis

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Part Number SUGC01039

30m x 0.25mm x 1.00µm

Gain Confidence in Your Results Using a Confirmation Column

For all regulatory methods employing FID detectors (e.g. USP <467>), a separate confirmatory analysis is required for all failing samples to positively identify the failing solvent. Generally, this is accomplished by analyzing samples using a dual-column configuration, which requires an instrument with two FID detectors.

A confirmation column is required to have at least one elution order switch as compared to the primary column, and for dual column analysis, it must function under the same conditions as the primary column. The 30m x 0.25mm x 1.00µm Rtx-1 column does all of these things, plus - like the Rxi®-624Sil MS - it can withstand the high temperature needed to elute terpenes (300°C). 

Give yourself - and your customers - more peace of mind by using a confirmation column for residual solvents analysis

For questions on implementing a confirmation column or to order an alternate column dimension, contact techsupport@emeraldscientific.com

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