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Rxi®-35Sil MS Columns (fused silica)

$ 342.00

(midpolarity Crossbond® phase)


What do Rxi® columns mean to you? 

  1. Ultra-low bleed.
  2. Exceptional inertness.
  3. Reproducible performance, column after column.

Rxi® fused silica capillary GC columns were designed specifically to be the best columns available, for exceptional inertness, ultra-low bleed, and reproducible retention and selectivity. In addition to outstanding performance, this combination of column characteristics assures Rxi® columns will have long lifetimes. The Restek chemists also have developed a stable, reproducible manufacturing process, so that Rxi® columns will meet your needs every time you install a new column.

  • Special selectivity and excellent inertness for substituted polar compounds, such as drugs, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, phenols, etc.
  • Provides superior separation for cannabinoids.
  • Very low-bleed phase for GC-MS analysis.
  • Extended temperature range: 50 °C to 340/360 °C.

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