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Satorius- New MA160 Moisture Analyzer

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Manages your Sophisticated Tasks

To be able to perform fast and precise analysis on a diverse range of product samples, you need a reliable instrument that gives you maximum flexibility. The MA160 uses the thermogravimetric method to determine the moisture content of liquid, pasty and solid substances – conveniently, reliably and in a minimum of time. It delivers prompt, repeatable results and supports the development of new methods – in three uncomplicated and intuitive steps.

The MA160 manages the generated methods professionally and securely and allows them to be transferred to other instruments.

During a measurement, a status lamp indicates the current measurement status. Additionally, the ergonomic BetterClean design of the MA160 allows efficient and simple cleaning of the device. Using integrated performance testing, the MA160 verifies its functionality at the touch of a button – ensuring permanent and flawless performance.

Technical Specifications

Fully automatic endpoint determination eliminates the cumbersome capture of termination criteria for the MA160. The moisture analyzer monitors the drying process and stops the measurement once the sample weight is constant.

Assistant software guides users to develop new methods for the analysis of different samples. New methods like these are developed and finally released with three easy test cycles. Up to 100 methods can be stored on the MA160.

Two high-performance AURI heating elements with 600 watts of power uniformly heat samples in the MA160. These heating elements are fast, extremely rugged and durable. Compared to glass heating lamps, e.g. infrared lamps or halogen heaters, they are especially resistant to dirt and vibrations.

The functionality of the MA160 can be verified at any time with the performance testing function.

Max. weighing capacity 200 g
Repeatability, average for initial sample weight approx. > 1 g: ± 0.2 %
for initial sample weight approx. > 5 g: ± 0.05 %
Readability 1 mg; 0,01 %
Typical sample quantity 5 – 15 g
Result display Moisture content in %M and g | dry weight in %S and g | ATRO in %M/S
Temperature range and settings 40°C–160°C, stand-by temperature selectable from 40 – 100°C in increments of 1°C
Sample heating Infrared radiation by an AURI heater, 600 W
Heating programs Standard drying, gentle drying
Shutoff parameter Optional:
Fully automatic
Semiautomatic mg (1 – 50 mg | 5 – 300 sec.)
Semiautomatic % (0.1 – 5.0 % | 5 – 300 sec.)
Timer settings (02:00 – 99.59 min.)
Access to sample chamber Removable hood with wide opening angle, SoftClose mechanism
Operator guidance features Intuitive user interface, including touch screen and easy-to-understand menu guidance
Weighing-in help and target value attainment function
Curve display
Language selection English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese,
Methods 100 methods saved in non-volatile memory
Methods development Assistant software guides users to develop new methods in approx. 3 easy test cycles
Methods management Method menu with file management option, generation of a method library, up to 100
Data transfer SD card, method import and export function
Sample forceps Easy-to-handle sample dish
Performance test Menu function to test the device's repeatability using the ReproEasy pad
Memory for data storage Results are saved for the last 999 measurements
Status light Displays the status “analysis running / START”, “analysis completed / STOP” or “analysis error”
Sample inspection LED-illuminated sample chamber, inspection window with grid above the hood
Draft shield Integrated draft shield
Cleaning Removable hood, inspection window with grid and sample chamber plate for easy cleaning in the dishwasher
Log printout Printout using the optional, internal printer YDP30; alternatively, the printer YDP20-OCE
can be used with an adapter (YCC03-D09)
GLP-compliant, inalterable standard or user-configurable | paper-saving short record
Monitoring of inspection and
testing equipment
External calibration using optional calibration weight
Data interface Mini USB
Automatic detection of the Sartorius printers YDP30 and YDP40
Direct data transfer to Microsoft® Windows programs without any additional software
Programmable data output interval
Data transfer protocols SBI, table format, text format
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Max. 640 VA
Temperature range 10°C – 30°C
Housing dimensions (W x D x H) 215 x 400 x 210 mm
Weight Approx. 6,2 kg