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Trident LC Column Protection System

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Redesigned to be more rugged and easier to use!

  • Match your needs with three levels of protection: filter only, cartridge only, or filter and cartridge.
  • Durable metal tip with replaceable PEEK ferrule means easy installation onto column without tools.
  • Improved thread design and materials create an optimal seal that releases and reseals easily, allowing multiple installations without galling and binding.
  • Easy-to-remove cap frit simplifies filter replacement.
  • Direct connection eliminates tubing and connectors that increase system volume and leak potential.
  • Low-dead-volume design has negligible effect on chromatography.
  • Includes: filter holder; cap frit filter (4 mm, 2.0 μm); cartridge holder; and PEEK ferrule
  • Type: Level 3: Filter Holder and Cartridge Holder Power Pack
  • Qty: 4 pack