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Vacuum Oven Package- 7.6CF

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Vacuum Oven Package-

Vacuum-7.6CF- 7 shelves

Vacuum oven is necessary for extracted oil purification and shatter production. When degassing solvent, low temperatures are desired to prevent decomposition of the volatile terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds that give an extract most of its aroma and other unique properties.

The use of a vacuum oven also prevents oxidation of the terpenes during the purging process by eliminating the oxygen and lowering the boiling point of your solvent.

SH Scientific’s new and unique vacuum oven not only gives you second to none temp. control and uniformity but also second to none drying productivity so that your team can save the time and labor.

Additionally easy & simple operation and user-friendly installation will maximize the efficiency at site.

Cold Tap Bath- T40

In vacuum applications, cold trap condenses all vapors except the permanent gases into a liquid or solid. The key function is to prevent vapors from entering into vacuum pump.

Installing cold trap in front of a vacuum pump greatly lowers the risk that oil vapors would back stream into the cavity.

Our cold trap bath has been receiving great compliments from market for exercising its superb cooling performance.

Our cold trap can reach its target temp of -40C within a short period of time when cold trap is run under the recommended room temp.

Unique feature is that the user can control the target cooling temp thanks to our up to date controller specially designed for cooling equipment.

stage V200- 7.1CFM Vacuum Pump

Small sized model and suitable for research and production line as a compact model. Shows the excellent degree of vacuum along with a reliable vacuum retention capacity.

Through the precision machining, low noise and low vibration design offers a comfortable working environment. Easy to use and maintain with a simple structure.

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