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Welch 8150B-30 Oil-Free Industrial Vacuum System

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Welch 8150B-30 Oil-Free Industrial Vacuum System

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  • Instant vacuum availability
  • Pump is tolerant of line moisture
  • Pick and place operations
  • Vacuum forming operations

Operate your industrial vacuum process with instant response. This 10 gallon vacuum tank system is perfect for pick-and-place, vacuum forming, and other light industrial vacuum operations.

 Mounted WOB-L piston provides powerful vacuum (to 27.6" Hg). Pump moisture resistance is far superior to graphite vane pump designs.

 System includes ASME code receiver, vacuum gauge, exhaust muffler, and manual shut off valve. The 3-position switch enables on/off continuous duty of automatic on/off operation at a set vacuum level. 115V, 6-ft power cord, shipped fully assembled.